How To Cure Hemorrhoids Without Surgery – 7 Proven Ways

How To Cure Hemorrhoids Without SurgeryBrowsing for solutions on how to cure hemorrhoids without surgery can be overwhelming as there are so many alternatives out there and it’s hard to tell which of the available solutions are actually working and which of them are nothing but scams.

So-called miraculous products are intensely promoted and marketed as the best and fastest remedies against hemorrhoids. But the truth is no one can tell better than a former piles sufferer which treatment works and which doesn’t, so if you want to know how to cure hemorrhoids without surgery at home, take a look below!

Remedies in our brief list are tested and proven to work. They’re all natural, accessible and affordable and above all, they’re free of side effects. So instead of searching for medical treatments and drugs that are efficient but cost more and can’t guarantee piles will go away forever, why not try some natural cures for this unpleasant health condition?

How To Cure Hemorrhoids Without Surgery By Practicing Yoga

The first solution we recommend to piles sufferers is Yoga. This type of physical activity is an excellent remedy for hemorrhoids as it stimulates circulation, restores breathing and blood pressure, strengthens immunity and relieves stress, anxiety and tension.

All these effects work together in reducing the risk for blood vessels to form bulges and for veins and arteries walls to get inflamed. The result is a considerably lower risk of hemorrhoids, even in people who are overweight or have a sedentary job.

Yoga exercises, although less intense than cardio routines for example, sustain weight loss so they also help in preventing excess fats accumulation. This means they fight against one of the most common causes of piles: obesity.

How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Without Surgery With Smoothies

Homemade smoothies are excellent solutions against piles as they act like natural stool softeners, making bowel movements less painful and damaging for the sensitive skin and blood vessels inside the anal canal.

Unlike medicines, natural stool softeners are free of side effects so if you opt for smoothies made of bananas, raspberries and blueberries, milk and lemon, you’ll not only reduce pain and bleeding but you’ll also strengthen your immune system, decreasing the risk of skin inflammation and infections.

Minerals and vitamins in these natural smoothies promote a healthier digestion and act like natural healing agents, helping the damaged blood vessels and hemorrhoidal tissue to recover faster. You can serve the smoothie in the morning or during the day, as besides being efficient in accelerating piles reduction, it will also increase your energy level and restore your zest for life.

How To Cure Hemorrhoids Without Surgery With Avocado

Avocado can be used both internally and externally for healing hemorrhoids, this fruit being an excellent source of fibers and good fats. An avocado fruit provides around 10 grams of fibers, stimulating digestion and making stools easier to pass.

Also, thanks to their high content of polyunsaturated fats, these fruits prevent constipation and normalize blood pressure. As already known, high blood pressure favors the formation of piles by making blood vessels walls bulge out.

For internal hemorrhoids, avocado fruits should be consumed on a daily basis or three-four times a week. For external piles, a paste made of avocado and bananas or coconut oil can be applied on the damaged area several times a day, as this will speed up the regeneration of damaged tissues, making piles shrink.

How To Treat Hemorrhoids Without Surgery With Dry Figs

Perhaps the most effective food remedy for hemorrhoids is dry figs. Consumed daily, these stimulate peristaltic movements of the intestines, making digestion easier and preventing constipation. Also, they keep stools softer, eliminating the need to strain for passing the stool.

This reduces the pressure exerted inside the rectal blood vessels, minimizing the risk for blood vessel walls to get damaged and for veins to get swollen and protrude through the anal orifice. Moreover, thanks to their active ingredients, dry figs cause hemorrhoids to shrink, so they speed up recovery of the damaged tissues.

But how should you consume these foods for better results? Clean the figs thoroughly with hot water then soak them in a glass of fresh water and leave them like this until morning. Serve the figs and drink the water before breakfast and repeat the procedure in the evening, if you’re looking for a solution on how to cure hemorrhoids at home.

How To Heal Hemorrhoids Without Surgery With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be another solution for learning how to cure hemorrhoids without surgery, especially if essential oils such as peppermint or lemon oil are used. These products have calming and soothing effects, helping muscles relax, relieving anxiety and nervousness and improving respiration and blood flow.

A less stressed organism is less likely to develop hemorrhoids as blood pressure is maintained in normal limits and walls of blood vessels are stronger and healthier. Also, the digestive system works as it should, thus constipation and diarrhea are less likely to occur.

Respiration exercises can also help, as they reduce hypertension and relieve stress, relaxing the entire body just like aromatherapy does.

How To Cure Hemorrhoids Without Surgery With Eggplant Ointments

Another solution for reducing the size of swollen hemorrhoids, for stopping bleeding and achieving relief from pain and discomfort caused by piles is applying a natural ointment made of eggplants and animal fat directly on the damaged skin.

This natural cure is efficient in external and prolapsed hemorrhoids but can’t be applied in internal piles. In order to be used for the preparation of the ointment, eggplants – around 200 grams – should be chopped and mixed with 500 grams of animal fat.

The mixture should be placed in a pot and boiled for six hours, then let in the fridge until you need to apply it on the skin. Do this several times a day until swelling, pain and bleeding are reduced.

How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Fast With OTC Stool Softeners

Over-the-counter stool softeners can also be used to relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids and to minimize the damage of tissues and blood vessels in the anal canal, during bowel movements. These products contain both natural and pharmaceutical principles and they come in liquid, capsule or tablet form.

Stool softeners work by preventing constipation as they add moisture to stools, making them easier to pass. Although not recommended for long term usage, these medicines can be used as short term solution against very painful internal piles.

Make sure to take the recommended dosage and to follow package directions as taking too many stool softeners – natural or pharmaceutical – can trigger diarrhea, which is known to favour the formation of new hemorrhoids by irritating tissues and blood vessels in the rectum.