How To Cure Hemorrhoids At Home – 7 Natural Methods

How To Cure Hemorrhoids At HomeIf you haven’t found a solution for how to cure hemorrhoids at home and you’re tired of buying expensive kits that claim to put an end to your problem yet fail in providing long-term results, why not take a look at the natural and herbal remedies listed below?

The surest way to remove piles once and for all is to treat the root cause of your health condition, not only its effects, so if you’re interested in learning how to cure hemorrhoids fast at home with no drugs and so-called magic kits, give it a try and apply the following natural remedies.

How To Cure Hemorrhoids At Home With Aloe Vera

Applying aloe vera gel on the affected skin region can be very effective in providing relief from pain and itching caused by piles. Also, this natural remedy is known to reduce swelling of the hemorrhoidal tissue and to diminish the burning sensation that sometimes accompanies hemorrhoids.

But what makes this cure so efficient in piles sufferers? The African plant has powerful astringent properties, which means it helps in healing open wounds and stopping bleeding. Available in drugstores in gel or liquid form, aloe vera provides fast relief from both internal and external hemorrhoids symptoms.

If you suffer from external piles, just apply the gel daily on the clean skin and wait until it is absorbed. If you opt for this treatment in the attempt of achieving relief from symptoms of internal hemorrhoids, you can drink the beverage as it is or mixed with water.

Another way of using aloe vera for getting rid of internal piles consists in chopping a leaf, peeling it and inserting it directly into the rectum. Also, suppositories containing aloe vera can be bought from health food stores and used for reducing pain and inflammation, after being frozen.

How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Fast With Reduced Salt Intake

A second solution that proved to be efficient in people wondering how to cure hemorrhoids naturally is reducing the intake of salt and highly processed foods, such as meat or cans, as these also contain lots of salt and it’s well known this ingredient favors dehydration.

An improperly hydrated body is forced to reabsorb moisture in the stool, making it harder and favoring constipation. The result is an increased pressure in the rectal veins due to straining as well as an increased retention of fluid in the bloodstream, which makes blood vessels in the pelvic area more prone to bulging.

How To Treat Hemorrhoids At Home With Dreft Detergent

Third on our list of solutions to how to cure hemorrhoids at home is a bizarre yet very successful remedy: the Dreft detergent for babies. This product comes in a pink box or bottle and can be bought from regular stores and sometimes from pharmacies too. When using it for piles, you should fill the sitz bath with warm water and then pour half a cup of this detergent.

Sit in the tub or sitz bath for as long as you can, then rinse the skin with water only and dry it with a hairdryer or with a soft cloth. Make sure to rinse the skin thoroughly in order to remove all the detergent from the affected region and in case your skin gets dry – although it shouldn’t – apply a gentle moisturized and wait until it’s absorbed.

Efficient Home Remedies To Cure Hemorrhoids With Pears

Pears should be consumed in a higher amount by people suffering from hemorrhoids as these fruits are amongst the healthiest and richest in fibers from all natural remedies for piles. Pears deliver important amounts of digestive fibers therefore they fight against constipation, make stools softer and improve digestion and bowel movements.

Moreover, they are chock-full of vitamins and minerals, which strengthen the immune system, making the organism less prone to inflammatory processes. This is important because hemorrhoids often form as a result of inflammation in the blood vessels walls or skin in the rectal region.

Still, make sure not to eat too many of these fruits as they’re quite rich in sugar, which can increase glycemia and the total caloric intake. This can result in additional weight gain, which you already know is not a desirable thing for someone who’s prone to developing hemorrhoids, as it increases the pressure on the pelvic area.

How To Heal Hemorrhoids At Home With White Radish

Another efficient home remedy that you can use for achieving relief from hemorrhoids symptoms is white radish. This natural cure can be mixed with honey or can be applied directly on the skin, raw as it is or as a paste. Also, juice obtained from white radishes is efficient in relieving symptoms of hemorrhoids.

The most important ingredients in this food are vitamin C and fibers, which give white radishes their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, radishes are efficient in improving peristaltic movements in the digestive tract, which means they stimulate digestion and prevent constipation. These cumulated effects make white radishes a good choice for any piles sufferers wondering how to cure hemorrhoids at home.

How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids At Home By Avoiding Scratching

Rather a “don’t” than a “do”, our next tip on how to cure hemorrhoids naturally refers to avoiding scratching, as this gesture can favor the infection’s spreading, making piles even worse and triggering additional complications.

You can achieve relief from itching and pain by applying witch hazel or any other product that has soothing properties, but make sure to avoid touching the skin too often and scratching during and after the application of the topical treatment.

Eating anti-itching foods and avoiding products known to favor skin’s irritation and itching, such as citrus fruits, sodas, caffeinated drinks and alcohol, are important steps towards piles natural removal. Also, wearing underwear made of natural fibers is important in preventing and treating piles, as synthetic one favors moisture build-up, causing itching.

Home Cure For Hemorrhoids With Mango

Last on our quick list of home cures for hemorrhoids is mango, seeds of this fruits being very efficient in reducing cholesterol levels and the amount of body fat, in boosting the immune function, preventing constipation and improving digestion.

Daily consumption of this tropical fruit or of its seeds leads to a stronger organism and an improved ability of fighting against bacteria and pathogens that are known to cause skin irritation and inflammation. By stimulating bowel movements, seeds of this exotic fruit reduce pressure on the hemorrhoids, preventing them from protruding through the anal opening.

In order for mango seeds to exert their beneficial effects on piles, you should consume them daily, either as they are or mixed with honey for a better taste. Take 2 grams of powdered seeds in the morning, before breakfast, following this routine until your hemorrhoids become less painful and disturbing.