How To Cure Bleeding Hemorrhoids Fast – 7 Powerful Tricks

How To Cure Bleeding Hemorrhoids FastSearching for remedies on how to cure bleeding hemorrhoids fast is surely not a pleasant thing to do, but the good news is there are actually numerous solutions one can apply in the comfort of their own home for stopping the bleeding and calming down the pain associated with this type of piles.

Given below are some suggestions on how to cure hemorrhoids fast at home, using only natural and herbal remedies. While some of them are more popular, others are less known, so you might want to give these solutions a try.

How To Cure Bleeding Hemorrhoids Fast Using Horsetail Tea

Our first suggestion for those of you wondering how to heal bleeding hemorrhoids fast at home refers to horsetail tea. This plant is used for centuries as natural cure for kidneys problems as well as for issues of the bladder and for wounds.

Although not necessarily a specific hemorrhoids remedy, it’s excellent in relieving pain and bleeding caused by piles as it improves digestion, prevents constipation and works as a natural diuretic, preventing the rupture of the tiny blood vessels inside the rectum as well as the development of new piles.

Horsetail tea can be prepared at home from the leaves of this tree or can be bought from natural food stores, both solutions being effective. Besides being a natural diuretic, this beverage is also thought to have some mild blood-clotting properties, so again it’s good for stopping the bleeding caused by internal or external hemorrhoids.

How To Get Rid Of Bleeding Hemorrhoids Fast At Home With Eggplant

Next recommendation refers to a food commonly used in our kitchens: eggplant, which is proven to be a very good remedy for people dealing with painful piles and searching for quick and affordable cures on how to cure bleeding hemorrhoids fast.

Eggplant is the most effective against piles when applied topically, for external, prolapsed hemorrhoids, which are ruptured and thus cause bleeding, discomfort and pain. Still, this remedy isn’t the best for swollen, painful internal piles, so if this is your case, it’s better to try the next suggestion.

Back on eggplant: to use this natural cure for relieving your symptoms, just apply some thin slices of the raw veggie on the damaged area and then wait until the bleeding stops. You can also prepare a homemade ointment by mixing some animal fat with the eggplant, in this case the recommended dosage being 200 g of veggie and 500 g of fat.

How To Cure Bleeding Hemorrhoids Naturally By Changing Your Diet

While the previously mentioned solution was better for external piles, this one targets both internal and external hemorrhoids, as the best way to get rid of hemorrhoids is definitely changing your diet and eliminating those foods and habits that favor the development of new piles.

As simple as this suggestion may sound, it’s actually a very effective one, as by removing foods that favor constipation, by eating more fibers and drinking more water, you can dramatically reduce the risk of getting hemorrhoids.

Also, consider reducing the intake of coffee and alcohol or other beverages that cause dehydration and reduce the intake of sweets, grains and foods that favor gas, bloating, constipation and alter bowel movements.

Undigested foods that accumulate inside the digestive tract can damage the tiny blood vessels and the mucous membrane, causing hemorrhoids that are not only painful but also interfere with bowel movements.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids: Use Stool Softeners

You can also try using some natural stool softeners, such as foods that are known to stimulate digestion, to prevent constipation and to soften stools, for easier bowel movements.

Health stores offer different tablets and capsules for this problem so you can try getting some natural products from there, if you’re searching for ways on how to remove bleeding hemorrhoids naturally.

At the same time, you can try adding some yogurt to your diet, drinking more water, eating fibers and veggies that are richer in fibers, as these make stools easier to pass. However, if you opt for pharmaceutical products, make sure not to use them for long term, as they may alter your body’s natural ability of removing food waste from the digestive tract.

How To Treat Bleeding Hemorrhoids Fast At Home With Oak

Oak can be used as natural treatment for people wondering how to cure bleeding hemorrhoids naturally, as they strengthen the blood vessels, stimulate digestion and exert an overall anti-hemorrhoidal action.

Through its active ingredients and high content of vitamins, calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium, oak reduces the risk for veins to form bumps and for inflammatory and infections processes to develop.

At the same time, this natural solution has astringent properties and antiseptic effects, preventing diarrhea, reducing the irritation of the digestive tract and treating the damaged skin. To take advantage of this remedy, drink 2-3 cups of tea per day or apply the solution externally, on the affected areas.

How To Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids Fast At Home By Doing Pilates Exercises

Just like any other form of physical activity, pilates exercises can be a good remedy to hemorrhoids as they stimulate circulation and digestion, strengthen the blood vessels and reduce the risk of inflammations by ensuring a healthier immune system.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of bleeding hemorrhoids fast at home, try incorporating these exercises in your daily routine and you’ll see how your bowel movements will be regulated and your circulation improved. Moreover, tension and stress will be reduced and the risk of constipation minimized.

Pilates are excellent for people who aren’t into weight training or jogging, as they also work the muscles and prevent the accumulation of excess weight. Although less intense than cardio workouts, pilates session are a good solution against obesity, one of the triggers of hemorrhoids.

How To Remove Bleeding Hemorrhoids Naturally: Drink More Smoothies

Our last suggestion on how to cure bleeding hemorrhoids fast refers to smoothies, which can be prepared at home from fresh veggies and fruits. These beverages stimulate digestion, help with bowel movements, prevent constipation and reduce the accumulation of toxins inside the intestines.

By eliminating food debris, excess chemicals and waste products from the digestive tract, smoothies reduce the risk for blood vessels to get damaged or to cause bumps and lead to painful, bleeding hemorrhoids.

So you can start replacing one of your meals with a fresh smoothie if you’re wondering how to treat bleeding hemorrhoids fast at home, keeping this routine for 1 week or more if necessary. You’ll see that not only your digestion will improve but you’ll feel overall better, symptoms caused by hemorrhoids will be relieved and your skin will also look better.